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Gladys Meredith [Mary Webb] autograph letter, July 23 [1911] to future mother-in-law

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Gladys Meredith [Mary Webb]. Autograph letter signed, July 23 [1911], to Mrs. Thomas Webb, twelve pages on three folded leaves. With an envelope addressed to Mrs. Webb care of A. N. C. Shelley, Esq. (the husband of her daughter, Mary) in Battersea Park, London. In this chatty letter, Mary thanks Mrs. Webb for an issue of the Bookman, and mentions a recently published book by her fiancé Henry Webb, The Silences of the Moon. Mary writes: “Funnily enough, I had thought of writing a review for that Competition—on ‘Silences’ but I did not do so, not quite liking the idea of writing about a book of the kind for the sake of trying for a prize.” She goes on to say: “I came across a thing of mine written a year or two ago—about this poplar, which I thought you might be interested to see, not for its intrinsic merit, but because of its very extraordinary resemblance to one of the last paragraphs of ‘Silences—’. Poplars—and especially Lombardy ones—always have had a peculiar fascination for me.” Provenance: Frederick Baldwin Adams, Jr.