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Autograph letter. August 17 to A. St. John Adcock

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Mary Webb. Autograph letter signed, August 17 [1925], to Arthur St. John Adcock, one page on one leaf. Webb discusses several reviews for the Bookman. She laments: “I have been waiting till I wasn’t so tired . . . I have been so tired all the time lately, but we both find this place lovely & peaceful.” Webb adds at a right angle in the left margin: “Don’t, please, think that reviewing tires me. Just the contrary. Only I was waiting till I felt more at my best. I think you’ll like the review.” Intense mental effort and persistent undernourishment caused Webb to suffer from migraine headaches, unsteady balance, nervousness, sleeplessness, and depression. This letter was written in the summer of 1925 from Spring Cottage, when Webb’s already frail health was in serious decline. Graves’ disease led to deterioration of the thyroid gland, and the toxins released gradually undermined her health. Unknown to Mary (but known to Henry), pernicious anemia (then incurable) was developing and weakening Webb’s resistance. (Wrenn, Goodbye to Morning, 1964, p. 86). Ultimately, collapse of the heart and deterioration of the spinal cord would lead to Webb’s early death in 1927 at age forty-six.