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[Typescript Poem] Father's Path

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Mary Webb. “Fatherís Path.” Typescript poem, one leaf, 10¼″ x 8″, white wove watermarked paper. Sixteen lines in two stanzas, two ink corrections. Originally titled “The Fatherís Path”; the word “The” has been crossed out. “Mary Webb / (Mrs. H. B. L. Webb.)” is written (in black ink) at the bottom of the poem. Devastated by her fatherís death at age 67 in January 1909, Webb grieved so acutely that she suffered from fever, weakness, accelerated metabolism and migraine for the next three yearsóa relapse of the Gravesí disease†that had first occurred seven years before (at age 20). Gradually, Mary worked through her grief by composing prose and poetry dedicated to her much-loved Fatherís memory. This early poem of rhymed, metrical lines was published in the Vineyard†in August 1913 under the title “My Fatherís Path.”